Mobile Apps Development

Mobile app development consists of a myriad of platforms on which to create and upload your mobile identity. Abhinav offers mobile phone application for iPhones, BlackBerry App Development, and the Android Market. The ability to incorporate all three major platforms allows your company to reach wide target audiences..

Our apps have the following features:
  • Custom designed
  • Facilitate maximum data processing
  • Easy to use
  • Have significantly shorter loading times
  • Created specifically for handheld usage – better readability and usability

With our experienced team by your side, mobile application development becomes ever so easy. Be it research into ongoing trends, your customer base, market conditions, customer mindset, keeping tabs on competition and edging competition out with creative and innovative ideas, you get it all from our team of experts. Why wait when you can get started right away?

Android Application Development

According to industry standards android devices are increasing every day. Also as an open source OS, devices from wide range of prices and options are available in the market. This makes Android a first choice for many enterprises to reach out to their target customers. Abhinav Mobile Apps developers understand all the possibilities that Android OS offers and also are up to date with recent OS upgrades.

  • ADT (Android developer tools) - released by Google
  • XML for defining UI elements (part of the SDK itself)
  • SQLite database wherever necessary
  • Apache’s http classes for network communication
IOS Application Development

Unparalleled and innovative user experience makes Apple devices widely user accepted. With a mature and secure operating system and with a beyond imagination user experience iPhone and iPad devices captured the market. We realise the immense potential Apple devices offers and our iOS development team is well experienced in developing industry standard mobile apps using Objective C and APIs provided by apple.

  • Objective C, C++